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About Compendex

Why and how to use Compendex.

Why use this resource? Compendex (part of the Engineering Village platform) is one of the largest and broadest databases covering all areas of engineering. It contains bibliographic records for more than 17 million items. This breadth and size make Compendex an excellent starting-point for research. In addition, its backfile for Engineering Index, going back to 1884, makes it a valuable resource for historical research.

What's in this resource? Compendex contains citations and abstracts for journal articles, trade magazine articles and conference proceedings, with links to full text in the Library's collections and links to citation data in Scopus. Compendex also contains citations for Engineering dissertations and theses, with links to full text in ProQuest dissertations and theses A & I.


Engineering     Chemical Engineering     Civil Engineering     Electrical Engineering   

Environmental Engineering     Mechanical Engineering     Transportation     Geology

Dates of Coverage 1884-present
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