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About Canadian Research Index

Resource for Canadian government documents and research reports pre-1982

Why use this resource? This resource contains research and information about Canada from federal and provincial sources, from ca. 1955 - present.

What's in this resource? This resource has government information from federal, provincial and territorial departments and agencies. It includes scientific and technical literature, policy, social and economic reports, and statistical materials.


Canadian History
Dates of Coverage 1955 to the present
Truncation or Wildcard

Wildcard: ?   for any single character, inside or at the end of a word.  Ex.: ne?t finds neat, nest and next, but not net, because the wildcard must replace a single character.

Truncation: * for any number of characters at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of a root word or search term.  Ex. comput* finds the words compute, -es,-ed, computer or computing.  Ex. *old bold, uphold, sold.


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