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About Burlington Free Press (ProQuest)

Why and how to Burlington Free Press (ProQuest)

Why use this resource? To find selected articles published in the Burlington Free Press newspaper. Coverage is not cover-to-cover. Only selected articles are included, as determined by the Burlington Free Press (e.g., only articles written by Burlington Free Press staff; no newswire stories).

What's in this resource? Selected full-text articles.




Current Events


Dates of Coverage January 1999-present
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CAUTION:  Words retrieved using truncation or wildcard characters are ignored when the database sorts results based on "relevance," causing potentially useful items to appear at the bottom of the results list. When using truncation, consider sorting results by "date" instead of "relevance," or avoid using truncation and use the Boolean "or" connector to retrieve variant words (sample search:  market or markets or marketing).

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"global warming"

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