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About Alt-Press Watch

Why and how to use Alt-Press Watch.

Why use this resource? Alt-Press Watch gives researchers full-text access to over 200 alternative, independent, and grassroots-supported newspapers, journals, and magazines. These publications cover local, national, and international news and issues with a critical view that provides a lively contrast to coverage in corporate owned media. 

What's in this resource? Full-text articles in newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals.







Dates of Coverage
Truncation or Wildcard

* Truncation

Use the truncation character, *, to find documents containing several words with the same root. The * replaces zero or more characters at the end of a word.

Type educat* to find educator, educated, and education.

? Wildcard

Use the wildcard character, ?, in place of a single character in your search terms, when more than one letter is likely to fit that space.

Type educat?? to find documents containing educator and educated. This Search will not find education.

Unlike truncation characters, you can use wildcard characters in the middle of words.

Type wom?n to find documents containing the words woman, women, and womyn.

Phrase Searching Use "" for phrases e.g. "Sarah Palin"
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