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About ABI/INFORM Global

Why and how to use ABI/INFORM Global

Why use this resource? Use ABI/INFORM, one of the largest business databases, to find articles from nearly 3,000 worldwide scholarly journals and popular magazines and newspapers (including full-text articles from The Wall Street Journal, 1984-present), as well as business cases, working papers, full-text dissertations, and conference proceedings.

What's in this resource? ABI/INFORM contains abstracts and some full text.








Dates of Coverage Varies by publication
Truncation or Wildcard

* replaces zero or more characters at beginning, middle, or end of word or root

? replaces any single character, either inside the word or at the right end of word

CAUTION:  Words retrieved using truncation or wildcard characters are ignored when the database sorts results based on "relevance," causing potentially useful items to appear at the bottom of the results list. When using truncation, consider sorting results by "date" instead of "relevance," or avoid using truncation and use the Boolean "or" connector to retrieve variant words (sample search:  market or markets or marketing).

Phrase Searching "market share"
Vendor ProQuest
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